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Please advise your therapist if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, hepatitis, epilepsy, skin cancer, sensitive skin, or allergies to any oils or fragrance.

Samples are made available for testing skin sensitivity, before your next massage.  Apply to small area & wait for 15 minutes, if itching, reddening, bumps or rash occur, this blend is not for you.



Aromatherapy is the enhancement of the body, mind, and spirit using therapeutic essential oil essences. Through a relaxing massage the essential oils encourage healing. Each essence used during the massage is extracted from specific cells within living plants such as blossoms, fruits, roots, herbs, and seeds. Essential oils may be enjoyed in various applications such as massages, baths, inhalations, facial creams, body scrubs, and sprays. Some healing properties that result from the application of essential oils include: antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.




The massage incorporates a combination of specific essential oils blended with massage cream and is designed to focus on a desired goal. With the application of essential oils, Aroma-massage benefits the whole person. In treating the body as a whole unit a full body massage is truly one of the most luxurious therapeutic sessions available today. Through the manipulation of pressure points along the spine, Aroma-massage works on the autonomic nervous system having an immediate overall relaxation effect. It is wonderful to help increase circulation, eliminate toxins, improve lymphatic drainage, relieve muscular aches and pains, reduce tissue congestion, reduce menstrual tension, and fluid retention.  


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Aromatherapy massage



Aroma-massage combines the effects & advantages of two senses – touch & smell.

Aroma-mixes are made from pure oils, and are mixed right before your massage.


Aroma-Massage For…


Anxiety – geranium, rose, & lavender oils   help relieve anxiety, and promote relaxation.

Overtaxed  – neroli, & jasmine oils   help relax an overtaxed brain.

Lifted Spirits – rose, violet, & geranium oils are a superb body treatment & a wonderful way to lift spirits.

Fatigue – lavender & rosemary relax  and refresh you, a very soothing massage.

Tension – ylang ylang, jasmine, & geranium oils for a calming massage, calms tension & emotional turmoil. 

Energizing – peppermint, myrrh, & lavender oils can be warming & energizing, is a stimulating body massage.

Muscular Tension – pine, eucalyptus, & frankincense for the pain of arthritis & muscular tension, makes for a pain relieving massage.

Stress – bergamot, orange, & petitgrain oils help with anxiety, stress & works wonders for confidence, makes for a very uplifting massage.

Circulation Boost – lemongrass, orange, & rosemary oils can boost circulation & help control excessive perspiration, makes for a stimulating massage.

Varicose Veins – lime & cedar wood oils can help relieve discomfort from varicose veins.

Insomnia or Sluggishness - petitgrain, lavender, & sandalwood oils can counter act sluggishness, fatigue, insomnia & tension - muscular or nervous tension, this is an anti-tension massage.

Mature Skin  - myrrh, lavender, & neroli help to combat signs of aging.

Cellulite Massage – bay, lemon, & lavender, this recipe combined with firm, long strokes, help fight cellulite.

Oily Skin Moisturizing – cedarwood & juniper combine for a light moisturizer.

Serious Moisturizing- Frankincense, Cypress, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Geranium, and Chamomile – when used in combination, tend to smooth wrinkles, give life to aging skin, improve elasticity and control excess loss of water.

Swedish Twist - peppermint & lavender oils is a traditional blend for Swedish massage. 

Aroma-Massage may be added to your 30, 60, or 90 minute Swedish, Deep Muscle, or Hot Stone Massage for an additional Five Dollars.

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